Becoming a Builder is an Exceptional Adventure

With practice, you become better. With never-ending evolution and upcoming possibilities, it is a career that will keep you adventurous and engaged.

Ballarat High School

Completion of substantial building pad to design requirements for the new “Science Building”, demolition and site cut of existing groundwork, asphalt works.

Construction represents the entirety of techniques and know-how aimed at designing and creating constructions or buildings more specifically. Construction industry covers all works applied to creating, modifying, repairing or demolishing a building.
The ever-enhancing industrialisation and specialisation of the construction industry led to the concept of the building process referred to as Construction.
The expression construction process is used to indicate the entire sequence of operations, regarding the creation, implementation, use and maintenance of a construction project right from the initial design, to the actual construction and management over its entire useful life.
The main stages of the process are: design, construction, management and maintenance.
AB EARTHMOVING’s equipment is increasing frequently its demand in this industry too, especially concerning the connection of bars and rods for support on construction and road machinery (concrete mixers, concrete pumps, asphalt pavers, roller compressors, aerial platforms, telescopic arms, on and off board cranes). Our Mobile Hose Workshop, the new mobile workshop for machining flexible oil hydraulic hoses, was conceived to meet this demand. This innovative solution finds perfect application in construction sites, construction industry and any other situations requiring an equipped assistance centre within reach. The equipment contained therein, can be customised to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

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